A strong network, leveraged by the right people

At Pacific Opportunity Capital, we have years of experience and many success stories helping clients solve difficulties and overcome the hurdles standing between them and their potential.

Our staff, our associates and our directors have all been chosen for their integrity, and for their skills and expert knowledge of a wide variety of industries and business practices.

Whether they work directly with our clients, or serve as board members, our people are an invaluable resource for networking and problem solving. They enable us to deliver results for a diversity of companies in these main areas:


We free our clients from the day-to-day demands of their businesses, so they can focus on growing their companies.

Our accounting and administrative staff have extensive knowledge, training and experience in managing small and medium sized companies. Our day-to-day help includes budgeting, business planning, public company services, managing payroll and preparing financial statements.


We team up with our clients and provide resources to take them to new heights.
We provide companies with hands-on skills in a variety of critical management roles in finance and operations. We provide direction and advice on writing business plans, reorganizing, restructuring debt and improving liquidity.


We provide financing or help in raising it for our clients.

Either through our POC Investment Fund, or through our broad network of contacts and relationships in the investment and financial services sector, we help emerging companies re-finance or negotiate loans, help with private placements, complete initial public offerings, and engineer reverse takeovers and mergers.


We share our principles for growth with our clients.

Experience has shown us that persistence and commitment are the foundation of every successful growth strategy. Before we take on new clients, it is essential that they embrace proven principles for growth. They must demonstrate a desire and willingness to achieve results over the long term; the opportunity to build lasting, hands-on partnerships; a strong management team, or the desire to build one; and a commitment to strict corporate governance.


We have a pool of capital that has been created to provide debt or equity funding for emerging companies that possess promising growth potential.

Our POC Investment Fund is strategic and is based on maximizing the return on our fund and include (1) management expertise; (2) liquidity; (3) return; and (4) an assessment of the project.

Investments are considered up to $1 million in companies that satisfy the requirements of an independent review board. The review board bases its decisions on two principal factors: (1) the management capabilities and expertise of the company or project, and (2) the viability of the product or service.